The Grazer Bag was made to fill a gap in the market to feed our own herd.

This Grazer Bag will hold 1 to 6 flakes of hay. 

The Bag contains the Hay keeping it out of the dirt and from being soiled or the wind blowing it away.

The Grazer is at ground level, which keep the animal in a natural eating posture for body alignment.


Our Grazer Bag is perfect at home or on the road when traveling with your Equine.


We love having it with us camping trips.


In general, slow #Grazer feeders offer a more natural way for your horse to consume it's feed.


Slowing down the rate at which a horse eats means that the digestive process is slowed down and nutrients in the feed can be absorbed much more efficiently.


Simulating a more natural method of “grazing” the Grazer Bag slow feeder can result in the horse taking hours to consume a few flakes.  Not only does this help you feed less but it helps to manage boredom and boredom associated vices, like cribbing and fence or tree chewing.


The use of a slow feeder in your sacrifice paddock or stall reduces waste as the horse cannot paw through the hay (then drag it around to ultimately poop on it) and will eat all of it, even the little chaff at the bottom.


Here’s more, there is also evidence that a slow feeder can decrease the occurrence of ulcers. Horses salivate only when they are chewing and eating, and under natural circumstances they produce up to 30 liters of saliva per day!  Saliva is an acid buffer and neutralizes the hydrochloric acid in the stomach.  Since a horse constantly produces stomach acid (even if the horse is not eating) the more often this acid is buffered the better.  Slow feeders allow this buffering saliva to be produced for longer periods, thus potentially helping ulcers.