If your not Satisfied with the Grazer Bag, you may return it in unused condition (NEW) with in 30 days of invoice date. Shipping is non refundable.

We welcome any ideas for the Grazer Bags to fit your needs. There may be additional charges to customizing special order requests.

As with any Slow Feeder you should use extreme caution when Equine has shoes on their feet.

You may attach the Grazer Bag inside a feed trough to keep the Animal from Pawing at the bag and getting a shoe caught on the webbing.

Because all equine, including horses can cause serious injury & or death, The Grazer Bag Slow Feeder is NOT intended for use... with shod animals, as there exists a real possibility that their shoe can get caught in the product, which may result in the animal becoming confused and violent, which may result in serious injury or death to the animal and humans. As with all equine products, extreme caution should be used in its use.